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Two Cities You Really Must Explore in South Asia

Two Cities You Really Must Explore in South Asia

Touring Asia has been the dream of countless people over the years because there is so much to see and do with such a diversity in cultures and traditions. With history dating back thousands of years, it is possible to explore ruins and archaeological remains dating back 4,000 (or more!) years while staying in a luxury hotel in high tech districts. It’s amazing what you can learn and experience as you travel from country to country and one of the reasons two cities you really must explore when touring Asia are Hyderabad and Dubai. If you think far enough in advance, you can even get Hyderabad to Dubai flight tickets at low price.

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Hyderabad – The Perfect Blend of History and Technology in India

When planning a stop in India on your tour of Asia, you might be thinking of visiting cities like Mumbai (formerly Bombay) because of its rich history as a leading trade centre during the 282 years of England’s rule. Or, you might want to visit Delhi which is much better known to Westerners. Hyderabad, on the other hand, may be lesser known but it is the 6th largest city in India and the city to grow wealth in faster than in any other of India’s major centres of technology.

With more than 7 million people living there today, Hyderabad is most renowned for world-class hotels and an amazing number of shopping districts. If you are traveling on a budget, there are smaller hotels outside the hi-tech regions but if it’s shopping you are after, you must hit the markets. There’s nothing like bringing home some amazing treasures you’ll only find at bazaars in Hyderabad.

Dubai for a Taste of Nightlife in the United Arab Emirates

It’s a good thing you’ve saved money on booking cheap flights because you’ll want that extra cash to enjoy a bit of nightlife in Dubai. While you can find high-end fashionable shops here, spend that money in Hyderabad instead if you are looking for souvenirs. In Dubai, you’ll want to spend a few nights out on the town. One thing to be aware of is that laws in the City of Dubai dictate that hotels and clubs can only sell alcoholic beverages to those 21 years of age and older. This is due to regulations set by the Ministry of Tourism, probably because so many countries around the world have raised the legal age while in Abu Dubai the legal age is 18.

What you will want to do in Dubai is get a taste of architecture that is unlike anything else on earth. While being a hi-tech ultra-modern city, Dubai is also home to some of the most elegant mosques in the world. If you want to see gold, and lots of it, you must visit the Gold Souk which is open 7 days a week. There are more than 300 retail merchants in the souk and if you want to bring home a gold bauble for a really great price, most are open to bartering a bit!

The key takeaway here is that you really can tour South Asia on a budget if you save money on travel arrangements, which of course you’ll spend shopping and seeing the sights. For the perfect blend of old and new in two very different cultural settings, you really must travel to both Hyderabad in India and Dubai in the UAE.

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