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Ways to organise your holiday stress free

Ways to organise your holiday stress free

Why do you plan your holidays? You definitely plan it to get rid of the stress of daily life and to get the fresh experience of a new destination. Finally, the day comes to enjoy the Sun kissed beaches and countryside landscapes without caring about […]

What luggage is best for a short break?

What luggage is best for a short break?

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular to go away on a few short weekend breaks throughout the year instead of having one two week long holiday. You can get across to Calais in France for example from the UK in only 35 minutes! Travel has […]

Make your Holidays in Ghana Remarkable with Accra Top Five Restaurants

Make your Holidays in Ghana Remarkable with Accra Top Five Restaurants

Accra, the gorgeous capital of Ghana, never keeps it away from the minds of global voyagers. Top travel companies in UK like any other part of the world receive a continuous demand of cheap tickets to Accra from London Heathrow and Accra holiday packages. Throughout the year, Accra International Airport takes in a fascinating flood of tourists looking forward to explore each and every aspect of this astonishing town, and Accra’s food is certainly playing a big role in it.

cheap flights to Accra

Eating is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Accra. Once you arrived in the town through cheap flights tickets to Accra, just don’t take any time to wander across town’s narrow boulevards or just pass though an abashed avenue and you are sure to find a jumbo queue of extravagant restaurants throwing bucket full food options to travelers to full their stomachs.

While eating in Accra’s restaurants give you golden chance to try your tongues over finest dishes from African, Ghanaian, Italian, Indian and some others world renowned cuisines, on the other hand it lets you sense the culture and way of living of the town. Here in this article, check some of the finest restaurants in Accra, chosen by Crystal Travel, reputed home of experienced travel agents in London.

Ryan's Irish Pub

1. Ryan’s Irish Pub

Box OS 2428, Troas Street, OSU,

Accra, Ghana

Contact: +233 021 762334

Stealing the heart of locals as well as every single guest utilizing cheap flight tickets to Accra with numerous varieties of delicious foods since years, Ryan’s Irish Pub is certainly worth exploring. Take a few steps in the south to reputed region of OSU and you will find a gigantic glittering lemon painted gothic style building welcoming customers. Try sensational meats dishes like spicy steak dipped in yummy dim cheese sauce, the fried octopus coated in mayonnaise sauce, roasted seafood, and every dish here is served in a very distinctive manner with a mixture of crispy French fries and fine chopped fresh vegetables.

Buka Restaurant

2. Buka Restaurant

10th Lane, OSU,

Near American Embassy Visa Section

Accra, Ghana

Contact: 233-21-782-953

When it comes to some of the pioneer places to step in once you grounded in the town through Accra cheap flight tickets, Buka Restaurant is unquestionably tough to beat. Its open roof decorum and a menu full of authentic African culinary makes it one of the finest West African restaurants in entire nation. Come and pick your plate numerous foods options including but not limited to chicken, guinea fowl, beef kebab, guinea fowl, seafood, soups and stews.

3. Chase

Josiah Tongogani Road,

Opposite Labone Coffee shop,

Accra, Ghana

Contact: 0302 778 477

Labone – 0302 248 217 (NIA)

Deboard from cheap Accra flights and put your steps inside one of the liveliest restaurants in Accra. Offering complete range of wide sushi menu complete with hygienic Lebanese and international culinary, from burgers, grilled chicken to various types of pizzas and pasta; everything is available here to pamper travelers.

Heritage Indian Restaurant

4. Heritage Indian Restaurant

Salem Road, OSU,

Next to OSU Presbyterian Church,

Accra, Ghana

Contact: 030 278 5151

Heritage Indian Restaurant, one another strongest contestant in the race for the best restaurants in Accra, is worth visiting from many reasons and that include food quality, world class service, rejuvenating decorum and lips may go on and on. Smash your senses with crispy Tandoori grilled kebab, fish, meat delights or just go for a plate full of delicious rice, vegetables and breads, the heart of India is on your plate. After meal, you can choose your drink from a big array of wine list.

Marquis Tante Marie

5. Marquis Tante Marie

Plot C11, Spintex Rd,

Accra Mall,

Accra, Ghana

Contact: 024 014 5211

Ghanaian West African cuisine has long been playing as one of crucial attractions for travelers taking cheap flight tickets to Accra from London Heathrow, Paris or any other part of the globe; and meanwhile, Tante Marie‎ is helping the Ghana’s capital to become the signature of it over the years. This widely famous restaurant provides authentic Ghanaian dishes like Banku, Waakye, Gari, Okro Soup, Konkonte, Kenkey, Dokonu and Joll of rice. Moreover, you can catch a number of exclusive events here over the weekends. 


The Best Accommodation For Your Dream Vacation

The Best Accommodation For Your Dream Vacation

For many people, vacation time is the most valued and most important time of the year. The reason is simple: Those will be the weeks in a year where people will unwind and relax, where they want to get rid of all the stress and […]

Family fun things to do in Sydney

Family fun things to do in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you are looking for a great family vacation, then this is a city worth visiting. The area is endowed with many great features thus giving tourists a number of fun activities to do. […]

Make your holiday comfortable and enjoying with cheap car rentals

Make your holiday comfortable and enjoying with cheap car rentals

Are you planning for you next holiday? Have you planned everything? Have you finished booking for hotel rooms and restaurants? But have you think about sightseeing which is the most important thing on a vacation? If not, then it is suggested to book a car rental immediately. If you are wondering about the need of car rental, then this is the exact place for you. Car rental means hiring a car for a few days or months, as per your requirements, in return of a certain amount. Today, this has become a common concept and with time more and more people are choosing this as a comfortable and cheap mode of transport.

Uses of car rentals

Nowadays, car rental not only limited to vacation but people also use it in their daily life. Many people hire car on rent for pick up and drop facility from home to office and vice versa. Similarly, parents also arrange for car rental option to nourish their child with a comfortable journey on their way to school. College students also use it on prom nights and some people hire it for wedding and other purposes. There are endless advantages of car hiring and it can really save a lot of money.

Barcelona car rental

You can avail car rental option even at cheap rates. There was a time when car rental was simply beyond the means of middle class people but today even the lowest income group people can easily afford it without giving any second thought. The competition in the car rental market has increased drastically and with time several new car rental companies are emerging in the market. Today, with a single phone call you can get hundreds of car rental companies at your service but it can be quite a tedious job to choose the best one among all of them. Barcelona Mietwagen is a one stop solution for all your car rental needs and you can surely get the one that you desire to hire for your trip.

Charges of rents for cars

There is a huge assortment of cars that you can take on rents but it depends on companies that what kind of cars they have in their stock to offer their clients. The price of rent is affordable but if you want a luxury car, then off course the rent will be a lot more. On a vacation you can simply book a four-seated car that can come within your budget easily. Similarly, if you want to impress your clients, then hire an expensive car that can reflect your class and status. There are cheap car rental companies that offer huge facilities and low rates. You can search for them on the online websites. Generally, cheap car rentals are not advertised on bulletin boards and banners unlike others, so to come across one you will need to do a little hard work. Barcelona Mietwagen is one of the best options if you are planning to visit the wonderful city on your upcoming vacation.

Europeans: Overcome the Obstacles and Visit Australia

Europeans: Overcome the Obstacles and Visit Australia

  For a great many Europeans, a trip to Australia represents a once in a lifetime odyssey that, at some point in their lives, they plan to experience. It seems such a shame that so many potential visitors miss out on the chance to see […]

London Is One of the World’s Great Cities

London Is One of the World’s Great Cities

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is blessed with some of the best airport links in the world, with both Heathrow and Stansted connecting with a huge range of other countries. Why not take advantage of this to explore what the city can offer? […]

Avoid the Buffets and Eat Healthy in Las Vegas!

Avoid the Buffets and Eat Healthy in Las Vegas!

find deals on flights to Vegas

Las Vegas is known as Sin city. It’s full of mouth-watering, endless buffets to tempt you and 24 hour restaurants’ so going overboard on eating is easily done. However with a little help, it is possible to eat healthy in Las Vegas.


It would be easier said than done to avoid buffets completely as they are well worth the money. A good idea is to walk all the way round the buffet before you begin to pick anything up. Compare your options and decide which dishes are best for you. Choose foods such as lean meats and grilled food over fried and look closely for foods heavily covered in sources or oils. Add plenty of greens to your plate, in particular steamed vegetables. Vegetables will also fill you up, so you won’t be tempted to go up for more! If you can, stick to the salad buffet and load up on healthy food.


You may not have to dismiss alcohol completely but make sure you drink in moderation, such as a single glass of wine. Alcohol is packed full of empty calories that you can pile on and it can play havoc with your diet. Drinking also makes us hungrier, causing us to eat more than normal. Avoid fizzy drinks and opt for water with a squeeze of lemon or lime to add flavour. At breakfast time have a glass of fresh juice, makes sure it’s 100% fresh, as they can usually be packed full of sugar.

Prepare and plan ahead

Prepare yourself before your visit;find deals on flights to Vegas. Eating healthy is usually aided by the process of mind over matter. If you’re well prepared then you’re less likely to be caught off guard, if you know what to expect then you’ll find it easier to fight temptation. Before travelling to Vegas, search online and browse some of the restaurants menus to help pinpoint some healthy options.


Las Vegas is well known for its super-sized portions and epic buffets, often leading you to eat more than you ever would back home. Don’t feel like you have to eat everything on your plate, ask for a doggy bag to take the food home with you.


Las Vegas didn’t broaden its scope to include vegetarian and healthy choices until recently, where it nowhas a selection of vegetarian restaurants for you to choose from. Not only do they give you something healthier to choose from but they also give you a break from the chaos of the Vegas strip. They have salad bars, raw food and organ dishes on offer. Vegan and lacto-friendly cuisine can be found in fast food institutions, while organic foods and soy products can be found in bistros.

If you’re not ready to go meat-free then you can visit places like Ranch Spa at the Venetian Hotels which is famous for its organic cuisine.

About the author:

This post was written by Gail Newland, a freelance writer.



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